Holy Spirit 2020 by Global Celebration
Enrollment is closed

Holy Spirit 2020

Enrollment is closed

See you soon!

As you know, we had to postpone the Holy Spirit 2020 conference in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is uncharted territory for all of us, there's no way around that. We have never experienced anything like this, and we are so appreciative of your grace and understanding. We are overjoyed that you will be joining us online during the originally scheduled dates!

LIVE NOW: While we wait for October, we are sharing a number of amazing messages exclusively with you, our registered attendees. We have picked some of our very favorite messages to share with you, all selected to bless you richly. It is our prayer that you will be filled and strengthened by these resources. Sign up to get access now.


We are happy to announce that our new dates for the Holy Spirit 2020 in San Diego are set.
Mark your calendars for October 14-17, 2020
See you soon!

What's included?


4 mins
Live Video: Love, Peace, & Joy
Live Video: After Party
Building Strong Connections
53 mins
Position Yourself for Transition
(1h 12m 20s)
30 mins
Invitation to Partner with God
9 mins
The Power of Your Yes
(1h 00m 14s)
Discovering Union (Part 1)
(1h 02m 17s)
Discovering Union (Part 2)
(1h 03m 09s)
Becoming More Like Jesus
(1h 05m 36s)
Called to be Salt & Light
(1h 17m 42s)
For the Joy Set Before Us
41 mins